10 years in a row.
10 years of my photos about Gianluca's works.
10 years of a meaningful journey.
Gianluca Pacchioni 
Minimal/Baroque: Art and Design

An intimate and complete journey into the world of Gianluca Pacchioni, sculptor, designer, and master in arts and crafts.

This book is an exploration of the artistic world of Gianluca Pacchioni, from the backstage of his workshop in Milan to his incredible
 studio-house, as well as finished projects and open-air installations. It also touches on his inspiration, which is drawn from a mix of 
Italian classicism and Japanese minimalism, with a dash of French seventeenth-century decorative style.
First based in Paris, where Pacchioni became a sculptor in the 1990s, and then in Milan, his hometown, his atelier constantly forges
 sculptures and limited-edition furniture produced for international clients. As a pioneer in the art and design world, his approach to art 
is experimental and innovative, and over the years he has shifted from iron to stainless steel, and his most recent works have been 
made with cast bronze and semiprecious stones and marble.

Edited by Federica Sala, 
Introduction by Olivier Gabet, 
Text by Alberto Cavalli and Clio Lavau​​​​​​​​
“Maltratto i metalli, ma alla fine li accarezzo sempre”    G.P.
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