Palazzo Cardelli, the noble floor, frescoed living room, and kitchen dating back to the transition between the 16th and 17th centuries, along with the other rooms that are part of a 19th-century expansion – all within the thick walls – speak of elegance and luxury. The approximately 200 square meter residence "was originally conceived as a private dwelling," she continues, "but sometimes things change, and so we chose to change direction and dedicate it to hospitality." With class, of course, because upon closer inspection, all the warmth of a true home can be felt beneath the high ceilings.
The historic walls and precious ceilings of Palazzo Cardelli, located in the heart of Rome, host a luxury hospitality residence. Staying in a dwelling with so much history is a unique experience, thanks in part to the timeless elegance offerings by Minotti.
The approximately 200 square meter apartment unfolds between the noble floor, with a kitchen and frescoed living room dating back to the period between the late 16th century and the early 17th century, and the rooms obtained from the 19th-century expansion designed as independent suites. 
The common thread that characterized the renovation works is given by the delicate balance between respecting the original nature of the dwelling and the owners' desire to create welcoming environments capable of offering a contemporary style highly appreciated by an international clientele. The continuous dialogue and mutual listening between the new and the old have led to the desired result: an unforgettable place of pleasure that frames the timeless taste of Minotti furnishings.
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