Gianluca Pacchioni 
Born in Milan 1966. 

After graduating in economics and business studies from the Bocconi university in Milan, he moved to Paris. 
There, during the Nineties, he was plunged into the Paris art world and was overcome with a passion for sculpting metals which he experimented, self-taught, in the studio shared with other artists at the Quai de la Gare. The experiments then found their place, with the first collection of sculpture furniture in iron shown by the Vivendi gallery in Place des Vosges. 
The return to Milan was dictated by the need to work in tandem with the flexibility, experience and creativity of Italian artisans. This relationship with the material and with artisans led to his leap from designer to homo faber. 
He opened his Milan atelier in an eye drops factory from the 1930s, with the final location for the forge and workshops set up in 1998. Since then the atelier has constantly forged sculptures and limited editions of furniture, produced for an international clientele. 
Exploration is ongoing and there has been a move from iron to stainless steel, bronze, brass and aluminium, to patinas and experimental techniques with liquid metals. The workshop only produces works with experimental and innovative working and techniques. 
In 2014, following an exhibition, one of his works was permanently exhibited as a symbol of Italian savoir-faire, at the entrance hall of the Italian Embassy in Paris.
In 2016 he was awarded with the title of " Master of Arts and Crafts " by the prestigious Fondazione Cologni.

"I abuse the metals but then I end up caressing them... my aim is to find a form which blends imperfection with finesse..."
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