Velasca Project - Milan
Stylyng: Cristina Nava​​​​​​​

A project by M2Atelier for DJ and music producer Stephan Jolk features a sombre material palette in an apartment 
conceived around a specially-built music box​​​​​​​
Milanese architects Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic of design studio M2Atelier have created an apartment interior for local DJ and electronic music producer Stephan Jolk. A minimalist, cavernous space, the home, explain the architects, is ‘a contemporary, cosmopolitan space, neutral and essential enough to allow the client to carve out a niche for freedom, peace and quiet needed to foster his concentration and creative flow.’ 

Clad in eco leather on the outside with internal acoustic textile-covered walls, a music box is the heart of the home, with a slim window to the outside and internal views of the living area. Say the architects: ‘the centre of attention and the development of the entire floor plan is this perfect cube, a soundproof box for composition and recording around which all the flows and movement of the home would revolve.’

With the music box at the centre of Jolk’s attention, the rest of the apartment was designed as a tabula rasa, explain the architects, with a material palette setting the tone for a sombre mood, featuring a desaturated ‘sawcut’ oak parquet on the floors and thin strips of wood on the ceilings throughout. Acid-etched steel columns and walls complete the space.

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